BattleTech 1990 Chicago

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In 1990, Virtual World Entertainment opened the first BattleTech emporium in Chicago. Modeled loosely on the U.S. military's SIMNET system of networked training simulators, BattleTech centres put players in individual “pods,” essentially cockpits that served as immersive, interactive consoles for both narrative and competitive game experiences. All the vehicles represented in the game were controlled by other players, each in his own pod and linked to a high-speed network set up for a simultaneous multiplayer experience. The player's immersion in the virtual world of the competition resulted from a combination of elements, including a carefully constructed story line, the physical architecture of the arcade space and pod, and the networked virtual environment. During the 1990s, BattleTech centres were constructed in other cities around the world, and the BattleTech franchise also expanded to home electronic games, books, toys, and television. Source: link