Gaia Online launches zOMG beta


Gaia Online launches zOMG beta July 25, 2008

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This MMO takes the full-fledged, millions-strong community of Gaia Online and brings their fictional home to life in the form of a huge virtual world to be explored and enjoyed. Players create Gaian versions of their own personalities, adventuring through stories, struggles, and challenges, discovering a world of rich characters and wild humor, all displayed with the visual of well-loved anime artwork. Players can combine forces with other players, forming teams to claim fame and glory as they travel through the world, or they can play the game alone, braving each danger and challenge with only their own skill set to bring them through it. But the world is not composed of only combat-oriented challenges. There are many ways to play in this world, whether doing favors for characters in the world, playing games, meeting at dance halls or in towns, watching movies together, meeting to race cars, or just simply exploring the landscape. This MMO is a broad, new game in a widely-varying world that is FREE TO PLAY with NO DOWNLOAD required. [source: link]