IMVU April 02, 2004

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IMVU is a 3D graphical instant messenger client, but it shares several features with other virtual worlds. IMVU users are represented by an avatar (often abbreviated to avi and avie). The basic avatar is human. Avatars may be of either sex and they may be clothed or otherwise customized to produce a wide variety of humanoid and other forms. Most items created by IMVU users are clothes, hair, eyes and other props that members can buy for their avatar appearance. IMVU chat sessions occur in scenes, which are virtual environments owned by IMVU users. When users participate in chat sessions, their avatar appears within the scene, and their messages appear in chat bubbles above their avatar. While in rooms, IMVU users can move their avatars around to nodes through the room, often attached to furniture objects. IMVU also has Public Rooms, which are rooms created by users that are publicly available to any other users. Previously all rooms were private and required invitation from the room owner. Recently IMVU has created 'Rooms' which are like scenes, but can be customized by placing and moving around furniture that the owner has bought separately. Source: link