Island of Kesmai


Island of Kesmai 1984 Virginia

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Island of Kesmai was one of the first successful multi-user online role-playing games. It was written by Dr. John Taylor and Dr. Kelton Flinn out of the University of Virginia, who had written a few other online games together. It was available on CompuServe for no additional charge. However, CompuServe cost a $6 an hour at 300 baud (the slow dial-up modems of the day) or $12 an hour at 1200 baud (the fast dial-up modems). The game processed one command every 10 seconds, which equates to 1 2/3 cents per command. After logging into Compuserve and selecting to play Island of Kesmai, the user was allowed to create a character. After creating a character, the next step was to enter the chat room. From the chat room, the user could enter the virtual world.