Pelican Crossing


Pelican Crossing, Inc. Jan 13 2002 Mission Viejo, California, USA

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Pelican Crossing is leading provider of technology for creating and viewing Web based virtual worlds and was founded in Jan 2002. The companies products include: Blink 3D, a virtual worlds development platform. Blink 3D went into open Beta in March 2005 and was launched in December 2006. inDuality, a universal client for viewing virtual worlds in a Web browser. An alpha version of inDuality was first publicly demonstrated in October 2007 at the Virtual Worlds Conference in San Jose. The demo showed teleporting between different virtual worlds that were running in a Web browser including: Blink 3D, Second Life, Flash and X3D. This was the first demonstration of Second Life running in a Web browser. Pelican Crossing originally started developing a chat server for Adobe Atmosphere and later developed 3D BuildAmation for Atmosphere, a product that allowed users to add animation and interactivity to Atmosphere worlds without the need to write code. Both products were discontinued when Adobe discontinued Atmosphere in December 2004.