Whyville March 1999

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Whyville is an educational Internet site geared towards preteens and children. Its goal is to engage its users in learning about a broad range of topics, from science and business to art and geography. As a simulation based virtual world, Whyville's users engage in games and roleplay sponsored by a wide range of governmental, non-profit, and corporate entities. Launched in 1999, by Numedeon Inc, Whyville was one of the first virtual worlds for children, and is one of the few virtual worlds whose purpose is primarily educational. Whyville was one of the first virtual worlds where game play was based on an internal virtual currency. Users earn a 'clam' salary based on the educational activities they engage in on the site. With their clams they can buy face parts, projectiles, furniture, bricks, and other virtual goods and services that enhance their life 'in world'. Source: link